Ms. Zimmerman

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Autobiography of Ms. Teri Zimmerman

After I read my original autobiography  I wrote in 2006 when I graduated from University I realised that I have accomplished most of the goals I had then and now need to create new goals.

Goals in 2006:

I dreamed of being a Teacher...

  • I had a job by the next first school year after graduating from University.

I dreamed of teaching Fashion Studies....

  • I started a Fashion Studies program at J.A. Williams High School.

I dreamed of teaching Computers, Career and Life Management, and Foods...

  • I taught Computers, Career and Life Management and I am currently teaching Foods.

I dreamed to mentoring future teachers...

  • I had an opportunity to mentor a new CTS Teacher while I was teaching at J.A. Willams High School.

New 2011-2016 Goals:

  • I want to get a Masters Degree
  • I want to start another Fashion Studies Program
  • I want to diversify my teachable subjects and skills
  • I want to start a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul Club that will increase youth's self esteem, awareness, humanitarianism and motivation of youth to be the best they can and to make a positive difference in as many lives as they can.
  • I want to have an opportunity to teach overseas (even if it is just volunteering in the summer)
  • I want to be a Mentor Teacher not only to a new teacher but to a university student who is just beginning their path to being a teacher.

Autobiography Continued...

I am a teacher because I feel that it is my calling and there is nothing else I could imagine doing as a career.  I thought of being a clothing designer or web designer, but I just didn't see how being either would be as beneficial to society or rewarding for me.  I worked in an office sittting all day, creating invoices, entering data and filing to pay for my schooling.  Through that experince I have reaffirmed my desire to work with people.  

I have gained the knowledge, skills and attributes of an effective teacher through many learning opportunties and experiences in my life.  After high school I completed a certificate in Multimedia Web Development to enhance my technical skills.  Next, I started my endeavor to become a teacher by taking a certificate in costime construction.  Four years later, I completed a Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Alberta.   Everyday I look forward to the mutal lessons my students and I learn from each other.

Knowledge is not my only strength as a teacher.  I have strong communication and people skills.  I am understanding, patient and have a sense of humor which I believe are essential teaching attributes.

Even though I have specialty areas that I enjoy teaching, most of all I just really love teaching regardless of the subject area.   My major was Career and Technology  Studies: Business  and Technology Studies, which covers many realms of courses from Information Processing to Legal Studies.  My minor was Health.  I live a healthy lifestyle and I like to encourage my students to do the same.

I have many goals to accoomplish as a teacher.  I understand  that I may not be able to  reach all of my students but I will try and I will do my best to have a positive impact on as many lives as I can.  I encourage my students to become employable, humanitarian, purposeful and productive citizens.  I encourage my students to follow their dreams and identify their strengths.  I try to be a role model for all students especially ones who do not have a positive role model in their lives.

I believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and that school is one one of many places where learning takes place.  I am sensitive and understanding of my student's needs.  I am careful not to embarass a student or jump to conclusions of why they are late for class or being defiant.  I integrate their interests into my lesson plans.  I strongly encourage my students to  be responsible for their learning and achieving their learning goals.  I have repeatedly proven to build positive rapport with my colleagues, students and their parents.